Expert stakeholder liaison to ensure your success.

Expert stakeholder liaison to ensure your success.

Aski’s services include:                                                           Business Case Solutions

  • Analysis – business analysis and workshop facilitation

  • Developing strategies, frameworks, business and operational plans

  • Building business cases

  • Knowledge and business analytics services

  • Information & technology specific consulting services

  • Investment Logic Mapping

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Planning

  • Project Management


...more about Building business cases

Business Case Solutions (part of Aski Pty Ltd) are expert facilitators, strategists and business case writers with a significant depth of experience in assisting State Government and private organisations to develop business strategies, prioritise and justify investments, implement efficiency improvements, and initiate new business lines. 
An accredited Investment Logic Mapping Facilitator with the DTF (Vic) and a highly experienced ILM workshop facilitator, our lead consultant has provided numerous Investment Logic Map (ILM), Benefits Map, Strategic Options Analysis, and Investment Concept Brief workshops. In addition to being an ILM workshop facilitator, our lead consultant is a business case writer and develops the strategic assessment, preliminary business case and full business case for clients.

Our clients include:

  • Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI)

  • Department of Justice (DOJ)

  • Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI)

  • Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI)

  • Australia Post

  • Private organisations such as GIO, AMP and MAB property developers

  • Department of Education (DEECD)

  • Victorian Auditor-General’s Office

  • Places Victoria (VicUrban)

  • VicRoads

Facilitator Profile

Our lead consultant’s expertise is in the development of investment models and business cases to support commercial and operational decision makers. Over a period of fifteen years, we have developed ILMs, Outcome Logic Models, Mind Maps, Cost/Benefit Analyses and Business Plans for numerous clients in the government sector, the transport sector, for utilities, insurance companies, finance companies, IT departments, and within the construction industry. Expert facilitators, encouraging constructive, effective dialogue at all levels, from the front line to senior management. Experience in all stages of the Investment Management Standard. As an accredited Gateway Reviewer, our lead consultant positions Government investments for success.

About Investment Management

The Investment Management Standard (IMS) is a collection of simple, common sense ideas and practices that help an organisation to direct resources to deliver the best outcomes:

  • Focus government departments on the economic and operational goals set out in departmental strategies and government policies

  • Address problems of significant and immediate concern to the Victorian population

  • Reduce risks relating to the investments

  • Provide clear, responsible and accountable decision making

The standard has been evolving since 2004 . It is now a system that can support the primary investment decision-making functions of any organisation on multiple levels, from a decision about a single investment initiative to whole-of-organisation decisions that refocus the organisation’s direction. For more information on how IMS can be used to aid your organisation go to
The Investment Management Standard is a workshop series of between three and four workshops.

A Four Workshop Series

Workshop 1: Defining the problems (producing an Investment Logic Map – ILM)

The Investment Logic Maps (ILM) is developed in a two hour workshop with key decision makers and the Investor  (the executive that has the business need). The workshop aim is to understand and articulate the need for the Investment and produce a one-page map that depicts the logic for the investment. No preparation is required before the workshop. A draft ILM depicting the outcomes of the workshop is delivered within 24 hours of the workshop. The Investor and other participants review the draft and advise of any changes within 48 hours of the workshop.  The final ILM is provided back to the Investor within 24 hours. 

Workshop 2: Benefit Management Plan

This two hour workshop aims to consolidate the benefits that are expected to be delivered by an investment.  During the workshop, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are drafted and the ILM is re-tested. Some preparation of possible measures is required. The workshop output is circulated in the same manner as the ILM.

Workshop 3: Strategic Response Workshop (producing a Strategic Options Matrix)

This two hour workshop aims to brainstorm the strategies that could be used to address the problems.  Different sets of options are analysed and broadly assessed with regard to possible risks, broad costs and potential benefits. The output is circulated in the same manner as the ILM.

Workshop 4: Solution Definition (producing the Investment Concept Brief)

This two hour workshop aims to define and scope the best actions with which to proceed, the likely timelines, costs, risks and dependencies. No preparation is required. The output is circulated as per the ILM.

Attendees and Facility requirements

Numbers are best kept to between 6 to 12 participants.  For the most part, participants should be the decision-makers and senior managers. A suitable room with two whiteboards will be required for each session. The room  is best to be set up with a u-shaped table or auditorium-style seating. 


  • Investment Logic Map workshop Series (Victorian Investment Management Standard)

  • Business Cases and  Strategic Assessments

  • Business Planning and Strategic Planning workshops

  • Business Plans and Strategic Plans

In facilitating the development of Investment Logic Maps, Benefits Management Plans, Strategic Options and Investment Concept Briefs, Karen fully complies with the current guideline and practices from the Investment Management Standard of the Department of Treasury and Finance (Victoria). The basis for this standard is now used in NZ, ACT and Qld.

Our lead consultant has facilitated workshops, developed Business Plans and Business Cases for many projects and organisations including:  

  • Department of Health – Business plans for multiple agencies

  • MAB Corporation: Management Information System (ERP system)

  • Australia Post – new Intranet, Communication and Collaboration System

  • Digital Government – IDAM solution

  • Victorian Auditor-General’s Office: Business Planning

  • Places Victoria (and VicUrban) - Harbour Esplanade

  • City of Melbourne - Customer Management Strategy

  • MAB Corporation: five business units - business planning & business process mapping

  • Department of Justice – multiple workshops including: A new family drug court; eNabling the Courts through WiFi and process automation;

  • VicRoads – multiple business cases and workshops over 5 years including: Transport Solutions – Regional Road & Freight bottlenecks; Freeway Noise Minimisation; Stronger Bridges Stronger Economy; Roads for Victoria; National Network; Rural program; Freight program

  • Department of Environment - multiple workshops including: Flood resilience; Waste management for Victoria; Waterways management; Victorian spatial systems foundation

  • Department of Transport - Travel Behaviours 7-year programme

  • Department of Transport - development of DOT strategies against DOT outcomes that align with the Transport Integration Act

  • Department of Transport – Local Ports

  • GIO-Suncorp : Workers Compensation Claims area compliance improvements

  • Storm: Queensland government photovoltaic energy bid formulation

  • GIO: Workers Compensation call centre business process improvements

  • Cattle Farm: New Markets

  • Victorian Auditor-General’s office: HR information system

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